Thursday, July 16, 2009


So far I've been using this blog to post boards from my archives (and there's a LOT), but because I've been looking to make some new storyboards I thought I would take you all along for the ride and show how I go about making these things. This is going to be something I will post along the way, so if you want to comment or throw your own feedback in there this will be the time!


It begins with an idea. Doesn't have to be the greatest idea in history, just a spark to get the creativity going (as the brilliant Barron Storey taught me, "If you don't have a good idea, a stupid one will do"). The tricky thing with boarding a short story, something that can be used in a portfolio or whatnot, is not taking on too much at one time, so I'll put off boarding Moby Dick for now.

My main goal is to board a scene, just a short but well-done sample for my portfolio. I want to keep it to about 48 boards (6 boards on 8 pages, or 8 on 6 if space permits); some of my recent stories were only about 24 boards each, but let's have more room to play.

THE STORY: Scapula, a supervillain, breaks into a high-security prison to release his evil friends.

That's it. I've done two Scapula storyboards previously (HELPLESS and THE SINISTER MONSTER DOOM LEGION VS. RANDY), but this time it isn't going to be a huge story, or even a full one. Let's see what we can do with just a scene or two.

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