Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, while I am satisfied with the way this storyboard has turned out, there is one thing on my mind that may just require another trip back to the drawing board.

Not too long after this pass was completed, I had to send a portfolio to a big-name studio for a potential storyboard job. Since every portfolio needs to be tailored specifically for the job I had to choose which samples to use carefully. I was ready to use my latest board, the one we've been following along for the past several posts, until I realized one specific part of it might not go over too well with this studio. The part I'm referring to is, naturally, the 'poo joke'.

Now comes the time when we have to engage in that inner debate of what we think is funny versus what others want to see. I think the gag is funny; the studio in question where I was sending the portfolio probably wouldn't have agreed. So, for safety's sake, I didn't include it. But what am I going to do with this board if I can't use it in a portfolio?

So now I have some options to choose from: leave the board alone and take my chances, change the gag to a cleaner one, or just think of an entirely different plot point to use. Of course, just because the joke is funny doesn't mean it's the only alternative to getting Scapula inside the high-security cell room (I don't revere in my own brilliance or anything, and this isn't as great of a joke as "fish sticks/gay fish"). Maybe it could be funnier with something else, but what happens if that 'something else' is just as taboo as the 'stool sample' gag?

Around and around like a dachshund chasing his caboose.

Back to brainstorming. I'll let you guys and gals voice your two cents: what would you do?


  1. What did you end up doing?? I enjoyed the poo joke haha, that may be cause of my sense of humor though. I didn't think it was grotesque or anything though 'cause his solution was smashing the machine w/ a hammer. I thought that was a clever avoid what studios might think is "gross".

  2. I don't know what studio would object, honestly. I thought it was a pretty benign poo joke.