Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the works...PRETTY PONY

Not too long ago there was a studio opening for storyboard artists on a children's show. Since I spent last spring doing storyboards for a preschooler DVD (and concept art, character designs, and environments, too!) I thought it would be a natural. Unfortunately, all of the work I had done is legally blocked off (they're still in production), so rather than gripe and whine I thought I would just get going on making some brand new stuff for the kiddies.

So here's a story idea I had about a year ago (yeah, and I'm just now starting on it...gowan, hit me with scorn!) that I thought would be nice for a children's show. A cute little girl on a ranch who wants to ride a horsie. Sounds sweet, right?

(Well, wait 'til you see the horsie!)

In other news, I recently met a very cool storyboard artist, Llyn Hunter, who's super awesome (in that she's talented and nice!). Check out her site if you want to see some really good storyboard work!

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  1. He looks like a Ronnie Regan. You know, the actor.