Friday, January 21, 2011


I received a lot of great advice and feedback from storyboard masters I met at the CTN (an awesome convention of artistic minds...and goofy cartoonists, that's held in Burbank); that, along with some very cool board artist friends at Nickelodeon, has made me rethink the entire way I do storyboards.

I've since tried the "multiple panels to a page" system, which helps me keep track of continuity (both in story and in character size and placement), and makes it much easier to copy/paste things as needed. I've also switched from drawing in Photoshop to Sketchbook Pro, although I still use Photoshop for tones (if absolutely necessary...some good advice I got is to not go nuts with toning your boards, unless if it's vital to conveying a mood).

Attached here is the first page of a new portfolio board I'm working on, Gretel and Hansel (not toned yet). Hope you enjoy!

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