Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ray Harryhausen is not only my favorite animator and a legend among monster-movie lovers, he's actually also a master draftsman and concept artist. Unknown to most fans, Harryhausen actually storyboarded all of his own animations, and did them beautifully. I refer you all to the excellent The Art of Ray Harryhausen for further reading about this genius of cinema magic.

These boards were an attempt to visualize an action sequence, much in the manner of the classic fantasy/adventure/monster films that Harryhausen made so great.

Monday, May 25, 2009


An animation from what feels like a million years ago (fitting it should star prehistoric monsters).

While I've done storyboard work in all sorts of genres I'm a total freak for classic horror films. If you want to be friends with me fast, just start talking about old-school monster movies and I'll geek out.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Because I have so many storyboards in my files, I'm mostly going to post older stuff for a while and work my way up from there.

This is one of my earliest storyboards; it isn't my first (that one's lost), but it's what ultimately made me want to become a storyboard artist. The scenario is borrowed from a Barry Yourgrau short story, albeit with a lot of liberties taken.

It's also a favorite because it showcases several voices, and being a big fat ham I got to live it up performing all of the characters.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Willkommen, bienvenue...and so on

Hello, huzzah, and welcome to my new Storyboard Blog, designed to showcase all of my fun, fun storyboard work and show you all what goes on inside my head. Proceed with caution.

Storyboarding is awesome, no matter how many times an art director requests you redo everything, and my goal on this blog is to show you all the entire process. Due to legal reasons, the majority of these boards will be the ones I create for personal projects, although a few of my clients have consented to my showing commissioned boards.

Tune in sometime and enjoy the show! The video above is a VERY early storyboard project which was somewhat crudely drawn but gives you an idea of what kind of crazy stuff you'll see.