Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the works...PRETTY PONY

Not too long ago there was a studio opening for storyboard artists on a children's show. Since I spent last spring doing storyboards for a preschooler DVD (and concept art, character designs, and environments, too!) I thought it would be a natural. Unfortunately, all of the work I had done is legally blocked off (they're still in production), so rather than gripe and whine I thought I would just get going on making some brand new stuff for the kiddies.

So here's a story idea I had about a year ago (yeah, and I'm just now starting on it...gowan, hit me with scorn!) that I thought would be nice for a children's show. A cute little girl on a ranch who wants to ride a horsie. Sounds sweet, right?

(Well, wait 'til you see the horsie!)

In other news, I recently met a very cool storyboard artist, Llyn Hunter, who's super awesome (in that she's talented and nice!). Check out her site if you want to see some really good storyboard work!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Scapula "Parole" board has now officially been included in my portfolio! I decided that I'll take my chances with the potty humor but to balance things out my next board is going to be a completely clean, family-friendly story. I've already started on it, so I'll show you guys something soon.

In the meantime, here's another relic from the college archives; my first attempt to storyboard a music video/animation. The song is Think Tank's "A Knife and a Fork" and is used here for non-profit entertainment purposes only, so don't go racing for your your lawyers, folks!